Georgy the Beady-Eyed Bully:

Do I need to elaborate on this one? I think not.

 Georgy the Beady-Eyed Bully:  
(Sung to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

 Georgy the beady-eyed bully
He knew how to get his way
Started bombing other countries
Claiming God said it's o-k
All of the people dying
Really didn't make much sense
But Georgy the beady-eyed bully
Said it was in self-defense
Then one ticked-off Senator
Finally had enough
Took beady-eyed Georgy out to lunch
And spiked his silver cup
Oh how the troops were thankful
Just to see their own homeland
Cause Georgy the beady-eyed bully
Really just got out of hand.
   CSL. c. July 2005