Amazing Times

I had fun with this one. It was my son who blurted out the weed part. I stuck with it cause it was humorous. He writes good rap and he can rhyme to kick my butt, particularly his ability to freestyle.

Amazing Times:
Sung to Amazing Grace

Am-a-zing debt
How deep it goes
I'm dig-ging my own hole
I bought a house, a car, a pool
And it only cost my soul
Amazing fool
I went to school
But not a job was to be found
The eve-ning news just sang the blues
So I up-and left-this town
Set-tled in Maine
Out in the sticks
Bought a gun - and plan-ted seed
How peace-ful did my mind become
When I harvested the weed
But the tax-man came
To steal my crop
Til I sang him this same song
Next thing-I knew-we were best friends
And being right they say is wrong
So heed my story
You're never free
If you're a slave for lib-er-ty
The rich exploit the working man
And his lot is pov-er-ty.

   CSL c. 08/01/05