Sisters of The Moon

In a moonlit cell The Poet dreamt:
Nothing ever was as it was meant.
Trees at dawn reach up in praise
Speaking not of crueler days.
‘Ventually all crack and bend
Release the Spirit to ascend
Whereupon the Sun did blind
Decreed that woman be confined
To the shade of shadows gone
Punish her to right some wrong
Where not one man recalls her crime
As written then and line for line
Ferociously he’ll protect his mother
Turn around and kill his brother
Egyptian Sisters of the Nile
Beg of Hermes to reconcile
The north, south, east and west
Submerge the man so he may rest
Now we stand in silent prayer
For what remains no longer there.
Mother Moon with hallowed powers,
Comfort us this darkest hour,
Your gentle loving light from space
Feels warm and kind upon our face.
Outstretched limbs we reach on high
As we were born above the sky
As you call we relinquish Fear
Lift us now away from here.

Ciera S. Louise c. January 26, 2008

If we return to the quality and mass of One female entity, we could redesign our path on a higher plane, allowing for flight and eternal peace. The male entity defers the masses to scientific boundaries which disallows the Myth, the Soul, the DreamWeaver, and Feminine Deification