Poetry 2000-.....

I was really disturbed when the news came out in full bloody photography about the bludgeoning of hundreds of seals in Canada. True or not, it was a heinous crime that should have been condemned immediately by every nation. I have nothing against Canada as a country, but those murdering men I truly do with all my heart and prayers to this God I get so frustrated with. I expect lightning to flash down and fry this kind of human. That'll be the day, huh?

Seal Killers' Curse



Red-spattered photos

Seals mercilessly bludgeoned

In front of each other

Hundreds of meek creatures

Ruthlessly beaten

To Death


Did the Almighty miss this too?

Is He at all grief-stricken?

Are You?

Enraged enough

To curse

Greedy Men of Massacres?


Pray I, they too Suffer

Three-times this Fate


Abaddon! Abaddon!

Personification of Destruction!

Avenge Your Children now

Hear their cry of Pain

Blood on ice

Stained waters

Of Egypt



Ciera S. Louise  c. March 31, 2005.