This morning I was overcome by a rushing in of poetry most disorganized and somehow it fell into quarters to examine. My flow is overwhelmed with the upcoming election and what may follow this winter.


Rolling Wild

Shall we become
So uncivilized?
A Hater's Havana?
The Gospel revised?
Our children locked
Under watchful Eye.
The Twenty-Four curfew
The ambivalent cry.
The Supremacist spirit,
With Islamic ferocity,
A Capitol Crime,
A divisive democracy.
Pay off small liberties,
Loan sharks to insure.
Did they call us to war?
If so, then what for?
Such devilization,
A mock demonstration,
A craving for power,
In the fallen nation.

Ciera S. Louise c. 10/08/08 rev. 10/12/08