A working off the letter "P", and again I'm pulled into the shaky conditions regarding the Iraq invasion by our President. Who put this to a vote with "The People"? I think "We The People" have about had enough. As for you "sleepers, self-medicated, and disillusioned" People, all of this will affect you and yours as well. Wake up call.

Poor Prognosis

Powerful persons
Posing poignantly proper
Present pragmatic propaganda.
Patriarchal political pachyderms
Propose preposterous policies
Preventing positive progress.
Pompous pagans preside
Praising pickpocket pawns.

Peasants penitently pray
Petitioning peaceful possibilities.
Punitive police post patriotic profiles
Promising punishment.

Pakistan presages poisonous
Permanent polarized perceptions
Pointing past
Previous pitfalls.

Pessimistic prophets predict
Pending pandemonium:
Pillaging, perversion, patrols,
Pestilence, parasitic proliferation,
Plagues, prevailing poverty.

Prognosis poor.
   Ciera S. Louise  c. February 15, 2006