Poetry 2000-.....

This poem was about a CEO I kind of accidentally ran into who was in a bad mood and found no humor in a humorous situation. My friend and I looked at her like she were a fanged viper whom we disturbed in her staged play with other higher-ups. It seemed odd because she headed a charitable organization to help animals. She certainly wore some charity in her get-up and make-up, but the look could have euthanized the best of us (in her dreams). She really did look like a malnourished cross of a male and female in her features, if it had not been for the dress and high heels.

Powerless Power

Have you met the Devil 'He-She'?

With severe aquiline features?
She's poised on every pinnacle
Extolling all her preachers
She dances quite seductively
In a body starved for power
Her lips a pursed and cynical grin
For the next victim to devour
She infiltrates all institutions
Vilifies the loving measure
Befriends unwitting foes
All souls for short-lived pleasure
She knows I know her in a room
My Angel 'tween us silent
I'm the poet she's come to hate
My verse is non-compliant
My hair, blood and falling tears
Have been noted by the Sun
I have given everything
Now Thy will be done
This shall be her kingdom
Blue-black planet lost in space
A floating grave of ill-repute
Banished in disgrace
So Miss Lady of Disguise
And Mr. Debonair
You're a CEO of nothing
Except ultimate despair.

     Ciera S. Louise c. November 23, 2005