Love is much less popular these days. A "me" society full of fear, mostly due to indulging devious television programming, has turned our neighbor into a potential threat. 'Love Thy Neighbor' is a thing of the past, if ever it were actualized. The worst thing is to see my innocent "2" year old daughter greeting everybody so loud and kind and nearly half of the passersby frown and keep walking! This is a tiny child full of trust and love! It perplexes me to see this. A simple smile of acknowledgement is not so hard. She is learning a sad message so young.

To Love Or Perish


We live in a numb Society

We are taught not to cry

But to act 'Professional'

When we see a creature die

We elect a judge to execute

Condemn those to the chair

Who refuse to be Conformists

To that which is not fair

"All men are created equal"

Said the master to his slave

Took the harvest for himself

While preaching Christ forgave

Such sins of fallen angels

Who like to publicly repent

Then privately plan retribution

For those who might dissent

Cut down or burn the bush

With ornamental fruit

It tempts the starving soul

Renders all believers mute

Go to your neighbor's door

Comfort them not to hide

Only fear can lock a house

Holding prisoners inside

Summon all of your children

Hypnotized and in a trance

Every life should matter

Regardless of circumstance

They televise great violence

Distort-Report the facts

Hoping to break your Spirit

Leave no Will or Hope intact

I may write a word of sorrow

For the Planet with no friend

But environments need healing

So God's Love can live again.


   Ciera S. Louise c. July 11, 2005