Virtually all of the poetry contained herein is real stuff about real people, places and events in the author's life and personal experience. No bars held. Names of people, places or events, OR titles of persons are included. I think my readers deserve real down to earth creative writing as it served as a therapeutic tool for coping through some difficult times and celebrating others

2000 to 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

12/21/05 - Democracies Defy Dictatorships: The letter "D" used poetically
12/05/05 - Lore of the Flies: not "Lord of the Flies", or is it?
12/03/05 - The Conduit: poetic words coming through not jut to
12/03/05 - Angels We Have Heard On High: Lennon's Christmas appreciated
11/27/05 - A Poet's Chore: the poet's personal psalm left out of the bible
11/27/05 - A Rational Anthem: could be said as "irrational anthem" also
11/23/05 - Powerless Power: the CEO I never want to meet again
11/23/05 - Anonymous Author: Revised: the original write is altered for 2005 
11/17/05 - In Memory of a Brown Rat Called Reebok: how 'humane' was this killing??
10/11/05 - Angels Go Crazy: a take on us being like the fallen angels in struggle as humans
09/24/05 - Skeletons in America's Closet: you have to live here and experience oppression
09/23/05 - Curse Enemy Mine: yup, I got a bit angry here. I'm still human
09/12/05 - Dedication to Mrs. Hallahan: I didn't meet her except through her son's grief
09/02/05 - Lamentality: just when we thought we were living life
09/01/05 - Is This Life Death?: just when we thought we were living life
08/22/05 - Autumn Calls: autumn air takes my beloved pet from me
07/21/05 - Defining the Terror 'Ism': so there are terrorists here too
07/13/05 - Metamorphosis: Medusa can be a real bitch today
07/11/05 - To Love Or Perish: only Love can save what's left of US
07/07/05 - Forgotten: becoming aged and alone in your wisdom
07/05/05 - Dolls Can't Dance: for the prejudice in little towns like mine
07/04/05 - Haiku IQ: the newspaper asked me to super condense my writing to fit in
06/16/05 - O' To Love Once More: for every man who was used by her
06/10/05 - A Poet's Pendulum: a poet is like the pendulum of life
06/09/05 - Dead Wrong For Right: claiming Christianity and acting all wrong
06/08/05 - B is for...: Bush and others before in global history
06/08/05 - Mitochondria: She is the Omna in our DNA sequence
06/02/05 - Daughters Unite: empowerment through inner faith
05/23/05 - Honor Withheld: rat myths and mindless people
05/11/05 - Freeze Frame: we're moving but really not
05/10/05 - I Remember: child within never forgets
05/10/05 - Name This Game: behind a school bus for too long
05/08/05 - Everlasting Faith: She who holds the key
05/07/05 - The Peace Prize: peace is the goal
05/05/05 - Love Hate This State: state control set-up
04/15/05 - A Broken Heart: a dear cat dies outside in the cold
04/11/05 - Societal Cage: cultural schisms on ideas
03/31/05 - Seal Killers' Curse: self-explanatory
03/24/05 - Mind Over Matter: how they try to program us
03/22/05 - Mental Trash: about litter
03/14/05 - Inciters Of Driven Rage: road rage
03/13/05 - Not So Keene Winter: snow, snow and even more snow
03/12/05 - Vows Without  Honor: drifting apart
03/12/05 - When Bad Does Good Beware: some people!!
03/11/05 - My Body, My Soul: about pot
03/11/05 - God Don't Sell Trees: garbage and money
03/07/05 - Invasion Of The Body Snatchers: my little town of the aliens and alienated
03/06/05 - A Real Peace To Print: newspapers don't like reality poetry
03/04/05 - Rhapsody of Addiction: about smoking
03/03/05 - Another Monarchy 2005: and so these things come to pass
03/01/05 - Oppressive Press: the shopper and the sentinel
02/28/05 - Sunday Hypocrite: God sees Father Winterling
02/28/05 - Some Children Never Change: they are NOT only children.
02/25/05 - Old Woman In New England Found - getting old in America
02/23/05 - Sentenced To Life: sadly living the role expected of me
02/14/05 - A Trio It Be: The world game is a word game.