Virtually all of the poetry contained herein is real stuff about real people, places and events in the author's life and personal experience. No bars held. Names of people, places or events, OR titles of persons are included. I think my readers deserve real down to earth creative writing as it served as a therapeutic tool for coping through some difficult times and celebrating others

2000 to 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

12/29/08 - The Eve of Eden: free will to pick and choose, win or lose
11/19/08 - A Peace of Christmas: and so it comes to pass repeatedly
10/12/08 - Matriarch Sing: a mother's voice and song remain.
10/12/08 - Rapid Rites: or is it rapid fire as a poet goes deaf?
10/12/08 - Too Little Be Late: truth is, my cupboard is bare, so it seems.
10/12/08 - Rolling Wild: a surge of information begins now
09/07/08 - Priest of Leviathan: Leviathan is not a mythical being as I first encountered the name.
08/29/08 - Plastic and Providence: posing a purpose to keep trying.
08/28/08 - Wondering Saints: the wandering and wondering of two Saints.
08/27/08 -
A Glimpse of Faithe: I have faith in the details which create overall perception.
06/28/08 - An Outcry Within: like the silent scream always saying, "stop".
05/31/08 - Majority Rules: unanimously ambivalent makes for no progress.
05/30/08 - A Christmas Day Recall: every winter I see this same field.
05/28/08 - The Boys of Barronhurst:
barren, her, hearse, state of: being male
05/01/08 - Newspapers and Nirvana:
why are the mainstream newspapers afraid of good works?03/23/08 - Come Together as One: even the external opposing forces challenge each of us
03/18/08 - Profound Penance: of people and trees
02/17/08 - Light of Pure Love: another psalm of the Muse when all seems lost
01/26/08 - Sisters of the Moon: feminine introspection always needs to be elevated and released