Virtually all of the poetry contained herein is real stuff about real people, places and events in the author's life and personal experience. No bars held. Names of people, places or events, OR titles of persons are included. I think my readers deserve real down to earth creative writing as it served as a therapeutic tool for coping through some difficult times and celebrating others

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12/04/06 - A Christmas Day Recall: another cold day in the car
08/13/06 - In the Currency of Deception: in the current of currency and regretful spending.
07/24/06 - Queen of Hearts: once she has your heart, she is crowned queen, for better or worse..
07/20/06 - The Statue of Mary: Mary may not just be a statue after all.
06/23/06 - An Empty Bottle: it matters how the message is sent
06/22/06 - Walking Out of the Womb: a daughter needs her mother
06/18/06 - Why The Fat Lady Sings: real women in real bodies
05/20/06 - Ten Little Indians: the Indians were quite patient and wise
05/19/06 - A Clinic Cynic: the creation of a clinic cynic
04/24/06 - A-Z Mysteries: alphabetical challenge
04/16/06 - Earth Heart Broken: see the "heart" in "earth"?
04/01/06 - Postal Prostitute: no name, just an attitude
03/31/06 - Osix-Osix-Osix: after 09-11-01, what about 06-06-06
03/25/06 - Always A Poet: a poet knows this reality
03/23/06 - In Loving Memory of the Lilies: four unforgettable and precious girls
03/15/06 - Weather or Not: a poetic attempt at kyrielle
03/04/06 - Grim Side of the Story: The Reaper's Side of the Story
02/15/06 - Poor Prognosis: doesn't take a doctorate to see
02/15/06 - What Makes A Poet Laureate: the right contacts help much
02/09/06 - A Muse Among Us: not so a-musing is it?
02/07/06 - What Goes Around Comes Around: a matter of time
02/07/06 - Televicious Television: why do we really watch it?
02/02/06 - The Aftermath: we are all being held hostage in war
02/02/06 - Rumble In The Jungle: and so 'The People' grumble
02/02/06 - Dictatorships: defining divisive dictatorships
01/21/06 - Ownership Has Its Price: we really own nothing here
01/16/06 - Cancer Begins With A "C": exacerbating problems with war
01/14/06 - Ten American Greevlings: a satire on citizenship
01/12/06 - Pending Divorce: a marriage long over
01/10/06 - The Eyes Of Love: seeing our pets in spirit
01/10/06 - Blind As A Bat Fallacy: the Kingdoms co-exist
01/07/06 - Lead Us By Example: bring our troops home now
01/04/06 -
"I" Is For . . .: is Ivan back running the USA?