This poem was originally formatted as a half heart on the page. It is my own secret but I was told it looked more like something else. That was all that made me change it. I could hardly see my heart anymore! See what a comment can do? But really, these words are to the men who have been the victim of any viperous-using females.

O'  To Love Once More

I am in love
With a part of you.
The side of your heart
Still yearning and wanting
To be loved for who you are.
I'll comfort the half that remains
If it is all you have to give right now.
I was not to witness when she was there,
Wielding her knife of impossible standards
Like the Queen of Spades dealing by desire.
Truly envy is ignorance - imitation suicide.
Yet you tried to please with every ounce:
Beg, borrow and steal for her to but see
You gave from the veins of your Soul.
But it would never ever be enough.
Your ache now a silent scream.
Nightmare-ridden dreams
Became a hemorrhage.
Necrosis set in hard
To be reabsorbed
Into emptiness
To a void
The next


   Ciera S. Louise June 16, 2005