This writing was for reflection into the theory of being as fallen angels. What do we really have to do to be redeemed? The deal seems rigged since we are totally in a physical plane. The human part is almost an impossibility for mastering the spirit. I guess I really want to know why I am here and challenged in spirit so painfully.

I Am Not An Angel


I am not an angel

Unintentional in verse

I never took the vow

For better or for worse

I am not an angel

Your gun should not be drawn

When did I offend you?

What did I do wrong?

O' yes, the one mistake

Was complaining the condition

But I am reinventing

The purpose of my mission

I am not an angel

Whether you love me

Or love me not

I am only human

Conformity my lot

Well, I'm slow to listen

To your Master of derision

I turn my back on him

Pledge allegiance with omission

I am not an angel

Tho' one comforts my aching heart

Led so to temptation

Separate from Thou Art

My Father does forgive me

For the fool I've been

I acknowledge my earthen plight

So I may fly again

Forty years I had to wait

The Enemy stood strong

Knocking at my door

Stifling my song

Angel not am I

But I can hear them sing

Poetry in harmony

Revealing everything

Above, below, beyond

Whispered to a scream

Within and without

In reality the dream.


     Ciera S. Louise c. 12/24/04