Poetry 2000-.....

All about the programming going on in our lives: mass media, fashions, fads, goods, bads, you name it, we take it ALL inside hook, line and sinker.

Mind Over Matter


What really is thin?

What is really fat?

Is he always the dog?

She in all ways a cat?

If they're in power

Why do they shake?

Does feeling pain

Cause one to break?

Do we have an anthem

Or just another poem?

When you escape a house

Did you run from home?

When we're up so high

Don't we look down?

If you try to remember

Are you apt to frown?

Paint too many rainbows

And it all turns black

So you fall to pieces

Yet you look intact

Oh why bother

Attempting to find

The thing that's lost

Is just your mind.


   Ciera S. Louise c. March 24, 2005