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As I speak of the positive in the feminine, I also recognize the polarity in the persona of a woman. This is where my thoughts on Medusa came in. She is very angry and has transformed her energy into dark energy. Many a female can pose as this Medusa because they cannot ever get in touch with their pain again. They are angry and dangerous. Have you met one of these souls darkened by a trauma? Don't turn your back, even when you're walking away. Move on is my suggestion because you cannot break her or beat her ever again. I am a woman and have met enough Medusas to know this to be true.



M-alevolent Medusa

E-ncapsulates Evil

T-error turns to

A-bsolute Anxiety


            (her black eyeliner never runs)


M-aking Madness

O-ut of Order

R-edefining Reality

P-ermeating Pain

H-allucinogenic Horror

O-vertaking Outsiders

S-erpents swirling


(like steel painted fingertips)


I-nvading idle



      Ciera S. Louise c. July 13, 2005