This poem is actually about "4" white pet rats I came to name Lily 1-4, as each would pass away. I could never honor them with names before their passing because they were totally identical. All of them however were sweet in their own way and this was how I could finally pay them due respect.

In Loving Memory of the Lilies

I deeply care:
To the detriment
Of my own heart
(So they say)
Would I have it
Any other way?
I suppose not.

For as an angel shall walk
With me into the Light
I will walk with these
The meekest,
Most vulnerable,

Time hurts and time heals
It is time that shall tell my heart
When I have concluded
A journey well done
A mission embraced
For better or worse
Selfless and giving
Honorable and kind

Suffer not
My dear Companion
I remain with you
And you with me
As Death cannot part
This loving heart.

   Ciera S. Louise  c. March 23, 2006