Some people truly burn and earn their titles of success, others do not. Down the path of life, if not right off the bat, we inevitably find out who these people really were to some personal powerful contacts. I had never spoken to a poet laureate until this year. I was in for a big surprise. And definitely was hurt in my heart.

What Makes A Poet Laureate

The Poet Laureate said to me:
So out of vogue is rhyme
As for meeting you my dear
I hardly have the time
The newspaper may have said
So much of me to flatter
As if I'd hear a stranger poet
Such caring doesn't matter
My post is quite political
I had to tap every contact
So the Governor approved
My status under contract
I’m not a Dickinson at all
But a Plath be all of you
Thinking you'll gain audience
By emoting what is true
The reality is sweetly bitter
I've more vital things at hand
I am crowned with a grand title
You would hardly understand
So go buy your Poet's Market
Your turn to grovel, beg or steal
My importance so overrides
Such weakness as to feel
For you a separate piece
A struggling writer unknown
You did nothing to put me here
Now go away leave me alone.

Ciera S.Louise c. February 15, 2006