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This poem is about a not so popular administration dysfunctioning now until they strategically put themselves back in the positive limelight. I'm almost afraid to think what that would take. Another selectively missed terror plot? (See WE told you so.)  Meanwhile there's the Civil Liberties reduction strategy. Maybe Bird Flu chaos will turn into a martial law for our own good. Gobal Warming hmmm...what else can we take like a bunch of zombies?.


"I" Is For . . . .


Incorrigible Ivan

Interfering in Iraq,

Insistently insulting internal intelligence:

Insidious intervention.

Invariably idiocy invokes illogical idioms

Instilling idiopathic illness.

Implying international interests inane.

Impulsive intimidation is illicit,

Illiberal, ill-mannered involvement.

Irate iconoclasts improperly institute


Incensed insurgents implosively indulge

Injudicious intercession.

Ironically I iterate indelible insight:

Idle individuals impose isolating imprisonment

Irresponsibly impervious.

Is impeachment inevitable?


Ciera S. Louise c. January 04, 2006