Truly, I never had a rat named Simon, but there were a few I felt I had this connection with. It is very sad that pet rats are treated so poorly and unfairly disdained. I wish only that more people could know what exceptional pets they make for mature people, I say mature, because children under a certain age are too rough and the rat has no choice but to bite them--or be killed. Then parents get rid of the "bad" rat. I've seen it too often. Plus, if anybody who has a bad rat attitude ever researched all of the service domestic rats provide for the advancements in medicine and other fields of vital assistance, including saving soldier's lives by sniffing out landmines, they might be ashamed of their unfounded disgust.

Honor Withheld

I had a pet rat named 'Simon'
He'd fetch and knew his name
He never tried to bite me
Hide-and-seek was his best game
One day I saw his face inquire
Why some people hated his kind
"Why did so many believe
The stories so well designed?
The flea passed out the plague
Hopped on other furry ones
We get no credit for research
Bred for science by the tons
We give our lives fighting cancer
Our wild cousins clean up trash
We're victims of the business
Of being fed to snakes for cash
Yet if only one would stop
And let the truth sink in
They'd see we're cleaner than cats
Smart as any dog within
We show affection and excitement
Just to see you walk in the room
And if you give us permission
Your fingers we would groom."
I could only look back at Simon
With much sadness in my eyes
Because so few in the human race
Will ever live above the lies.

Ciera S. Louise c. 05/23/05