I reflect here on the great gift of a beautiful symbiotic creation for us, the plants and the animals. Now things are so imbalanced I fear there is no turning back. War is upon the globe and love has been lost in the hearts of most people. I saw the word "heart" in the word "earth" and a real sadness entered in.

Earth Heart Broken

Salutary sunrises
Rolling rivers
Open oceans
Majestic mountains
Hallowed hills
Greenest grass
Tallest trees
Free flowers
Refreshing rains
Royal rainbows
Beautiful birds
Wondrous wildlife
Serene sunsets
Stunning stars
I shall deeply miss you.
Thus, the malevolent men
The wizards of war
Have raped this planet
Of plenty…
                 of pulse…
                              of peace.
As he were space-born
So shall he return
Ever so lovelorn.

   Ciera S. Louise  c. April 16, 2006