Have you ever lived in a smallish city for too many years and see everything is redundant? Nothing changes and the people seem inflexible to change. As a matter of fact, I have lived in a town just like this. It permeates into the attitude that if any person should try to bring about change through word or action, they are deemed an oddity or nonconformist not to be related to but rather avoided. The gossip is in their bloodline.

Dolls Can't Dance


In this Valley of Dolls

A child was born

With life and vitality

And plenty of scorn

She looked and thought

A different way

So other parents

Warned stay away

Hence, happily

She played alone

Amongst the squirrels

And flowers grown

Why should she compete

To be shallow and cold?

Where is the freedom

Trapped in a mold?

Life is for dancing

Creating a song

No matter who listens

Or judges it wrong

Call her a stranger

What's that make you?

But the mirrored-image

Of a personal view

Plastic is dead

Duplication lives not

For imitation is suicide

In case you forgot.


   Ciera S. Louise c. July 06, 2005