Democracies Defy Dictatorships

This was another of my one letter starter poems. Actually I believe it was either my second or third in my life. Still, the words came through like singing on the wire. Sometimes I go back after and look up the words I'm concerned I'm not sure about and they end up fitting to my amazement. That can be fun and confirm my Conduit theory. The theme of scripture is not because I am religious to any particular organization, I just have these faiths that touch into different religions. Obviously herein I'm am referring to the crazy politics lately. Mr. Bush is really out of line but: what to do? Will we be too late?

Democracies Defy Dictatorships


Dictators deliberately design disasters.

Deviant derelicts direct deranged delegates

During desperate dark days.

Depraved dangerous dragons

Delightfully doublespeaking.

Deuteronomy divinely denounces

Dollar-driven desecrations.


Donít delay!

Disdain despotic demagogues.


Defenseless deaf dumb dolls dine drunkenly. 

Dull dormancy detains dust.

Dogs die digging dirt-delivered dreams.

Dissolve delusions divisively daring doubt.


Declare deception deceased.

Do defiantly dance.

Democracies defy Dictatorships!


    Ciera S. Louise  c. Dec. 21, 2005