This poem is again bringing forth the feminine to it's rightful place since the story of Adam and Eve brought her down. Women have been condemned for being female when in fact, the female essence is absolutely imperative for the life of man and his lacking maternal ability only found in the mother. Look up "mitochondria" in science. ONLY women have this additional piece in the DNA, therefore there really never was a patriarchal line, only a matriarchal line. That has been suppressed as well. It is wonderful and a blessing to be a woman. I would have it no other way.

Daughters Unite


If we obey every thing

We shall crumble

Too many masters

Then we mumble

Why me? Why me?

I've done my time

I am persecuted

Without a crime

Oh but to fail

Martyr without cause

Replay the message

Then actually pause

God gave you a Spirit

A Voice for to speak

A temple of Strength

The Wisdom to seek

A path of empowerment

The Courage to soar

A Name in His honor

Love needs not more

Stop playing the Victim

Redefine your role

Comfort each other

Or lay down your Soul

Destiny is yours

Submissive fear deny

Dear Father of Truth

Lift your Daughters on high.


   Ciera S. Louise c. June 02, 2005