I was recently ill and unbelievably luckily treated on the fifth day. Then my daughter was ill, possibly contracted from myself, and she was sent home after five days ill. It took over ten days, which is the norm, to get her medication. Nowadays everything is a virus they simply cannot,  will not, treat. I can see the reasoning behind less antibiotics but it appears to have become the rule of thought no matter how deathly ill a poor person might be. Absolutely, none or crumby insurance is a part of this scheme. 

A Clinic Cynic


Does 'not too bad'

Mean 'not too good'?

I asked the doctor

If she really could

Explain such little

Evasive terms

Do I or don't I

Have killer germs?

The insurance company

Told you to be sure

Or there'd be no payment

For the needed cure.

I waited five days

For a "virus" you know

Why even go in?

Let those bacteria grow!

So here we are later

My lungs mock a seal

I cough up nothing

But this weak appeal:

Dear Higher Courts

Must only poor people die?

When will you stop allowing

This medical reply?

If you harm my child

I'll pluck your bones

Leave you for dead

Covered in stones

I'll petition the Angel

I'll circle your grave

Dome in your soul

As Satan's slave.


   Ciera S. Louise  c. May 19, 2006