This is with thought about the Iraq war that seems more problematic than problem-solving. So much killing like a vicious unstoppable cycle I wish our government hadn't so vengefully initiated for ulterior motives it now seems.

Cancer Begins With A "C"

Coercively compounding conformity
Coincidentally, condemns Christian concepts.
Concurrently, concerned communities
Could contract connections
Codifying commonality,
Creating conscientious control,
Contrasting catatonic coexistence.
Candidly castigate covert conspiracies
Conclusively costing casualties.
Cloaked camera-carrying crows
Collect confusing commentaries.
Consider courageous countries
Cohesively correcting colossal criminality
Congress cannot control.
Complacent compliance
Constitutes condoning corruption.
Ciera S. Louise c. 01/16/06