One day I had an epiphany that great sadness could hasten Death. Intense pain were in those words: "Why hast thou forsaken me?" I relate about this cat I did not have as my own companion, but rather I would visit him when I could. I knew he was failing for sometime in the blustery cold cruel New England winter air and I couldn't have this cat so I just pet him and held him when I could. When I came upon his dead body I deeply wept. I considered him a friend. I hope I see him on the other side.

A Broken Heart
(In Memory of Jack the Cat)

You died
Suddenly they said:
A heart condition.
Deeply well I knew
The stagnant waters
Of your sadness
Days before we hugged
In the stunning spring Sunlight
Our mutual weakness
Silently exposed
Eyes closed in
A preparatory parting
Another fallen sparrow
Is God too busy again?
Can I blame Him now?
Do I weep or scream?
For the meek inherit
Nothing in life
Just torment?
Like Christ died in pain
Believed He was forsaken
'Twas a broken heart.

Ciera S. Louise c. April 15, 2005