This was my first writing using one letter the same for every word. I could see the edge of a war-torn middle east city. Nothing was left but rubble but at my feet was some grass and flowers and every butterfly found it too. I tried to block out the distant horror as if I could make it disappear with this more pleasant vision. "B" is also for Bush.

"B" Is For ...


Beautiful butterflies

Balancing by botanical brilliance

Beside Bethlehem's broken boundaries


Bloodstained boulders

Behold bad bureaucracies

Bought by belligerent brutes

Bearing bayonets

Building barricades

Bursting bombs


Baffled bystanders besieged

Bartholomew beseeching

Brotherly blessings below


Beggars became boasters

Boding burdens beyond belief


Bewildered bodies bowing

Because battlefields bury bones

Bringing back bottled bereavements


Battered boys

Barren bosoms

Bitter brides


O' but beautiful butterflies

Balance by botanical brilliance

Bordering black-lined  Bethlehem.


   Ciera S. Louise June 08, 2005