I think of my son moreso lately as he gets older and lacks the Wisdom that can only come from life experience and a constant loving nudge that will lead him to want to learn and seek that which is Good and Just. I can only do so much and continue my love for him across the miles..

Beloved One


Born a pauper to a Poet

A man has come to life

Never knew where he belonged

Amidst the massive strife.

He begged and solemnly did plead

He prayed for all he thought he'd need

He finally stood - began to walk

Humbled himself and ceased to talk

A search of sands, stars and moon

Oceans vast - the brightest noon

Among the people, animals and trees

He shed his skin unto the breeze

Then he became enrobed in white

He stood a beacon in the night

In all he learned upon his quest

As he was poor was as he blessed

Blind and noble to his cause

He overcame all earthly laws

He finally spoke a verse of One

A holy mergence with the Sun

A Name was given - the planet shook

Black water stains Jehovah's Book

It is best that all Truth be Fact

As every Soldier must stay intact

The Secret lives within every Leaf

It can't be read by liar nor thief

O' beloved David withstand the lows

A Mother's love within you grows

Your days are but a metaphor

A stepping stone to another Shore.

In all of this you would delight

If you only knew wrong from right.

A Teacher waits with gentle voice

Whispering you have a choice.


   Ciera S. Louise c. January 29, 2009