I wrote this for the 40+  years I have witnessed many relationships and friendships between men and women. They each seem to tell me the same story: He/She does not understand what I'm saying. Clearly though, there runs a similar dance pattern between the two in every situation, just different characters. Queen Of Hearts? She is such, as much as you love her.

   The Queen of Hearts

She can wake you up
Or put you to sleep
She can make you laugh
Or make you weep
She'll teach you to fly
Or stay close to the earth
She'll talk you to death
For all that you're worth
She can lift you high
Choose to lay you low
She'll walk in your shoes
She'll want to know
She asks you read her
Like a paperback book
She is your shadow
She is your hook
She may point at you
But not at herself
She haunts your mind
In sickness or health
She's only a lyric
Of simplest rhyme
If you ask her why
She has no time
But to bid you goodbye
To meet your fate
Then get you dressed
Lest you be late.

   Ciera S. Louise  c. July 24, 2006