The free will of mankind/womankind began the first evening outside the Gate. Never to look back we seek freedom from our own choice to remain grounded in the new captivity.

The Eve of Eden

Your world.
You own it.
Cultivate and nurture it.
Weeds to the left,
Watering can to the right.

Sun beams warm,
Scents of spring,
Sweet simplicity
As a small face,
Peering up to You.
Curiously reaching,
Into existence,
Asking the stars:

Am I acceptable,
A mere dandelioness?
Fatefully placed,
In Your garden,
Of mixed soil?

I only offer this moment,
Suspended beauty,
In a reflective pattern.
A nova of brilliance.
Here today,
Gone tomorrow,

An unknowing entry,
Frightening and pure.
A glorious exit,
From eternal captivity.

Ciera S. Louise c. December 29, 2008